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Shredquarters live with the BBC

When popular Thames Valley breakfast DJ Michelle Jordan took on her new role with the BBC, she knew exactly where her very first gig should be...!

Michelle is a long-term member of The Shredquarters in Reading, and we were delighted she chose to broadcast live from Shred for her first show with Andrew Peach on BBC Berkshire.

“Shredding is for crazy people!” Michelle announced, as Shredquarters co-founders Adam Waters and Hannah May Khan put her through her paces live on air. “It’s frenetic, it’s high energy. It’s absolutely tough as!”

She was talking specifically about ‘The Prowler’, which Adam persuaded her to try out! It’s like a sled you can put weights on to push or pull, similar to equipment used by rugby players to train for scrums.

Adam added around 40kg of weight after this picture was taken... and then added himself too! No wonder Michelle struggled to move it, Adam weighs more than 80kgs!

Michelle talked to some of the Shredquarters customers, who were passionate about the gym.

Hannah said: “Shred is a really fun way to exercise with classes starting from 6am, so there’s great flexibility.”

John added: “I couldn’t find the flexibility I wanted in my workouts. I came across Shred nine months ago, it’s got the flexibility to let me do whatever I want to do. The programmes change and it’s got my cardio fitness up so much.”

Michelle was also challenged with the Assault Bike, which Adam described to the show as “Essentially a cross between a cross trainer and a spin bike. The only way to describe it is horrendous!”

She then got done and proudly smashed out 10 reps on the punchbag, before admitting she’d had enough for the morning.

Michelle said: “There are loads of women my age. I’ve never been more confident in my body. It’s about getting fit first.”


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