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"The best Gym Group in Southern England"
- Business Excellence Awards 2022


Are you fanatical about HEALTH and BUSINESS? We have developed an inclusive, lucrative business model that is low-cost to set up, with the potential for multi-site growth

The wellness industry is booming – we all know the population, young and old, need and want to do more exercise, but most struggle with the discipline of attending a ‘traditional’ self-service gym. But we don’t limit our market to the minority of motivated gym bunnies or body sculpting heroes…

Each The Shredquarters franchise creates a community spirit, attracting and engaging a far wider mix of members with ever-evolving structured classes within several diverse themes. Shredquarters members enjoy a constantly evolving range of classes, and do not know which type of training they'll be doing when they arrive - no two classes are the same! 

This fosters excellent engagement levels and maintains people's interest far more effectively than simply offering a gym with machines for people to train alone.


Premises-based gym with
LOW start-up costs


Territories AVAILABLE
across the country


Predominantly structured classes with some PT


We ENGAGE members to
lengthen relationships


WEEKLY subscription income means excellent cash flow


Set up your first gym, then EXPAND with more sites

“We set out to be the best; to forge deeper, more profitable and longer relationships with our members. We focus on running structured classes with a high trainer-member ratio, which keeps people engaged so they value their time at their local Shredquarters.”

Adam, Founder



To setup your first The Shredquarters franchise you will need to able to invest circa £90K, depending on the premises. This covers everything from fit-out and equipment to your training and fully managed marketing launch. Up to 50% financing is available, subject to status.


Depending on your background, you may choose to start as one of the trainers initially, or employ trainers and focus on growing your new business. Whatever your skillset, we will guide you in preparing a detailed business plan to map your journey, the investment required and your expected returns. Finding your premises is the biggest variable in the setup cost/timescales, but don’t panic – we will help you with this as well.


There are multiple income streams from your members and a weekly subscription income means you need less working capital than a traditional model to grow your new gym.

You should expect annualised six-figure profits during year two of your business.


Structured themed classes

Dan A Front.jpeg

Nutritional programmes


Personal training

“They delivered everything they said they would and much more. We had 60 paying members in our first 30 days, and that’s pretty impressive on a franchise model that only needs 300 members to be very lucrative!! We are so happy with the choice we made.”

Nisha & Karan, Shredquarters Twyford and Shredquarters Fulham

Investment & Returns


The team at Shred have a proven track record, having previously built multimillion-pound businesses and worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK. We can provide the support you need to set up, operate and develop your new The Shredquarters gym franchise, and you'll benefit from personal mentoring from the founder, Adam.

Our support includes:

  • Sourcing premises, equipment and fit-out

  • Guidance recruiting and training your staff

  • A complete business management tool to run your gym(s)

  • Launch marketing programme and member engagement

  • Ever-evolving course programmes to keep members engaged

  • Ongoing business development, marketing and tailored support

“The help and support was incredible, and you can feel it from the first moment you meet them that these people genuinely want you to succeed. I even had one of the directors helping me decorate the gym because they knew I didn’t know anybody where I was and wanted me to feel valued and part of the team. Epic gym, epic people!"

Mike, Shredquarters Plymouth

Mike Perry gym franchise.jpg

“After looking at multiple gym franchises, we decided to go with The Shredquarters for many reasons. They answered every question we had open and honestly, even if it wasn't in their best interests. The team delivered on everything they said they would with no exceptions. They helped with finding and securing a property, and they stuck to the financial forecast  all the way through (no nasty surprises!). These people do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. In our first two weeks we had over 50 members sign up with us, which is quite incredible!"

Tiggy, Shredquarters Tunbridge Wells

62f30708-677c-467a-a7c6-1f163742fbb3 (1).JPG


To succeed with The Shredquarters franchise, you will need to be extremely driven, a great communicator, passionate about health and wellness and commercially astute. You don’t need to have run gym classes before to be successful.

  • Start as business owner or trainer

  • Great for partnerships and couples

  • Minimum cash of £50K, funding available subject to status


We will help locate suitable premises for your first Shredquarters. You need the right site and every territory is different so this part of the process can affect the start-up timeline.

Franchising is a partnership and we'll answer your questions with honesty and integrity. Contact us below to get started and find out more about this exciting gym franchise.

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